To buy AnPay card, The customers will follow these steps:

Step 1: Accessing the IPPay  homepage, then choose “ Buy AnPay card”:

Choose informaions:

+ Anpay Card

+ Face value

+ Email to receive card information

+ Payment method

Then click “ Buy”

Step 2: Payment

After finnishing to fill card information including: Card code, Cardholder's name, release date and OTP

Note: Selecting online payment using ATM card

+ If the you registered ATM card internetbanking, you would fill information:  Cardholder's name and buy real card

+ If the you had ATM card but not internetbanking, you could call hotline for registration instructions

Step 3: Receive card information

After the transaction is completed, within 10 seconds, the AnPay card code will display on the screen. You should record or capture the card information screen

At the same time, the system also sends card information to your email


Card information also sends to registered email in Step 1 ( it may also be showed at Spam)