1.Conditions and time to receive the complaints

  1. IPPay accepts the claim via Email, Chat, Hotline 1900 29 29 22. IPPay only supports the transactions that are filled information fully and the same as the transactions in the IPPay Systems.
  2. IPPay only supports the transactions that are performed within 01 month since IPPay received the claim backwards.
  3. Time for claim handling: within 24 hours since IPPay received the claim( if it was a holiday, it would be answered in the following working day).

2.Customer support process

Step 1: Checking the claim information provided by the customer.

If the claim information was not appropriate with the conditions to receive the claim, you was requested to provide more information or refused to resolve the claim.

Step 2: If the claim information was fully completed and correct, the staff would check the status of transactions again in the system and the result of providing products, services with partners of IPPay.

Step 3: After checking information, the staff will inform the customer about the error condition and the way to sovle problems:

  • Refunding for you.
  • Resend card information
  • Other support cases

Step 4: Performing to refund and resubmit card information for the customers.

Step 5: Notifying the result to the customer via the phone or email.