1. What is AnPay card?

AnPay card is an anonymous domestic prepaid card issued by PVcomBank to the cardholder for carrying out card transactions that are paid in VND, within the value corresponding to the amount that cardholders are previously paid.

AnPay card is a one-time payment card according to each face value: AnPay card is a card that is no-recharge more than one times, it only uses to payment one times according to each face value.

2. Does IPPay require registering account to use service?

  • You can recharge the phone or buy AnPay card code, payment of telephone charges without having to register for an IPPay account.
  • If you want to become a agent that distributed AnPay card and other products and services supplied by IPPAY to receive the preferential policies and have tools to manage the transactions, you must register for a IPPay account.

3. Is AnPay card transaction declined or failed?

  • You must register for the online payment service with the bank for domestic ATM card payment: Internet Banking and SMS Banking.
  • Card does not have enough limitation/ balance to pay.
  • Enter card information incorrectly.

4. How long is the AnPay card valid?

AnPay card is valid in 36 months since the activation date.

5. Guide & Conditions terms of use AnPay Card?

You can see details at anpay.vn.

6. What goods and services can AnPay card pay?

AnPay card can pay for the goods and services according to the list at Payment Acceptance Units( Partner information is updated at anpay.vn in each period).

7. What information to become an released AnPay card agent?

You provide information and send to email hotro@ippay.vn  or call hotline 1900 29 29 22 with following information:

  • Company's name
  • Business license number
  • Business type
  • Contact name
  • Title
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Website